Michael Ramey & Associates strives to meet our clients' needs with the utmost professionalism. Your case will be handled as a priority, from start to finish. We guarantee our diligence, methodology and confidentiality. If you are dissatisfied, please contact us. We want you to refer us your next case!

Or choose one of the following:

A. Click on WEBSITE REFERRAL FORM and complete form, then send using “Submit” button. A copy of your referral will be automatically emailed to you for your records.
B. Download ASSIGNMENT FORM, and FAX completed form to 800-987-0805, or EMAIL attachment to ramey@rameypi.com.
C. TELEPHONE us an assignment: (800) 321-0505.
D. ONLINE CASE MANAGMENT (OCM) Referral: Please call us for username and password to access OCM to assign a case and retrieve results.

We will confirm receipt of your case within 24 hours. *(Weekend receipt confirmation next business day)
RUSH cases accepted. Mark RUSH!



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